Why Spiral HDPE / PP Tank...? 14 Reasons**


1.    Immune to Corrosion:

HDPE Density is 0.96 gm/cc. So Higher Molecular Strength gives higher Corrosion Resistance. The tanks offered by us are inert to most of the chemicals and immune to electrolytic attack therefore, they don't need any extra expensive lining.

2.    High impact strength

Our tanks are extruded and continuously spirally wounded in order to give a homogeneous construction, that provides them resistivity towards crack under stress as well as make them withstand in extreme temperature of -4O0C to + 800C (HDPE) and +110°C (PP)

3.    Easy to maintain

Tough and non-corroding Spiral Tank does not need painting or anti-corrosive treatment.

4.    Leak proof

Because of its homogenous structure Spiral Tank is completely leak proof thus minimizing production losses due to shut down.

5.    Abrasion resistant

Tough and durable, Spiral Tank has very high resistance to abrasion and is ideal for handling slurries and pastes.

6.    Hygienic

Non-toxic and non-absorbent, Spiral Tank does not impart any taste or odour. Its smooth walled inner surface is easy to clean and does not promote growth of bacteria. This makes it ideal for pharmaceutical and food industries.

7.    Light weight

Incredibly light Spiral Tank and system is easy to handle; consequently the installation cost is also low.

8.    Assembled Accessories

All accessories - flanged inlets and outlets, valves, sight glasses, float valves, collars, manhole covers etc. can be assembled as per your specifications.

9.    Customized Product

Moulded tanks are available upto 20 KL where as Spiral fabricated tanks are custom-built in a wide range of sizes upto a storage capacity of 42,000 liters.

10.  Long lasting

Durable and with a high-impact strength, Spiral Tank has a long trouble free life.

11.  Easy to Repair

Very easily done with HOT AIR methods. Besides it is cheap.

12.  High Wall Thickness.

High Wall Thickness upto 100mm can be easily achieved. Thickness is constant with same properties. Consistent Wall Thickness is achieved even for Multi Process Vessels hence Superior resistance. Wall Thickness is independent of Heat and Machine RPM so wall thickness is constant and strength is superior.

13.  Variable and step wall

Molded tanks are single constant wall where as Spiral fabricated tanks are variable and step wall Stage wise Fabrication is possible. Multi Process Vessels can be made.

14.  Resistant to ultra-violet radiation.

It is resistant to ultra-violet radiation of sunlight and can be safely installed out-door


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